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HTF - Milkin It
Hrané: 3,358x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Things are not as simple as they seem down on the farm. Lifty and Shifty make off with Lumpy's cow, only to get tangled up in some electrify...

HTF - Helping Helps
Hrané: 3,353x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying squirrel?

HTF - Nuttin Wrong With Candy
Hrané: 3,312x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Nutty the squirrel learns not to take candy from strangers.

Tube Crisis
Hrané: 3,305x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

This is a relaxing puzzle game. Help young lady get rid off disgruntled passenger in a crowded subway by finding their weaknesses.

Kings Win
Hrané: 3,289x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Your mission is to destroy all the red ships to defeat the pesky Red King.

HTF - Its A Snap
Hrané: 3,280x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Lumpy manages to get in all kinds of trouble, and this episode is no exception. Splendid does his best to save Lumpy from certain death, but...

HTF - Havin A Ball
Hrané: 3,221x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

A friendly game of catch goes horribly wrong for this father and son bear.

Hrané: 2,971x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

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