Online hry

Sim Taxi
Hrané: 4,836x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 11111

Imagine being a taxi-driver and drive customers safely and quickly around the town. The faster you are the more money you make. You can have...

Park A Lot
Hrané: 6,390x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 11111

You will appear in a parking lot. Your task is to park the coming cars to the right places and as soon as the owner comes back bring him his...

Star Island
Hrané: 3,817x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Roll and jump in a colorful world full of little stars you need to collect to get to higher levels.

Sushi Bar
Hrané: 4,906x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Serve food in a nice Japanese sushi restaurant. So let

The Farmer
Hrané: 4,091x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Try to take the role of a farmer for a while. Grow fruit and vegetables and keep farm animals. Try to have the best crops possible.

Tornado Smashing
Hrané: 3,807x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 00000

This is a crazy game where you control a tornado. With that tornado you are trying to destroy the entire city in the given time limit. Will ...

Tube Crisis
Hrané: 3,435x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

This is a relaxing puzzle game. Help young lady get rid off disgruntled passenger in a crowded subway by finding their weaknesses.

Sonic Extreme 2
Hrané: 6,431x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Sonic a jeho priatelia sa vracajú s novým dobrodružstvom. Treba ich dostať až do konca všetkých úrovní a vyhnúť sa pritom nepriateľom....

Scooby Doo Big Air 2
Hrané: 5,321x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Skate the half pipe as Scooby or shaggy, pick your board and the halfpipe. Go as high as possible.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Hrané: 5,696x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Run around a tropical island in the role of a hedgehog Sonic but beware of the dangers awaiting you.

King Island
Hrané: 4,755x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island.

El Tigre
Hrané: 5,865x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Opičiak Black Curveo sa vlúpal do múzea a chce ukradnúť niekoľko vzácnych umeleckých diel. Tvojou úlohou v roli EL Tigre je zastaviť ho, ale...

The Black Knight
Hrané: 4,987x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

The kings retainers stopped paying taxes and you in the role of a debt collector go into streets to beat the money out of them. In every lev...

Taz Tropical Havoc
Hrané: 5,743x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 11111

The well known character of Tasman devil has appeared on a tropical island where he is trying to destroy all local statues. However, to be a...

Prince Of Persia
Hrané: 133,972x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

You take the role of a prince who encounters many obstacles and dangers in the cellars of a dark castle. Will you find the way out?

Mario Adventure
Hrané: 5,735x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Another adventure of the well known Super Mario is here. To jump higher, duck first and then jump.

Luigis Revenge
Hrané: 4,733x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Skákačka podobná kultovej hre Mario, ktorú už určite poznáš. Skáčeš cez prekážky, po potvorkách a zbieraš mince. Ovládanie je klasické šípka...

Treasure Cove
Hrané: 9,550x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

This is a platform game on a tropical island. Collect various objects and avoid or eliminate all enemies.