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HTF - Stealing The Spotlight
Hrané: 3,531x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

It's very nice to decorate front of Your house in Christmas with light lines. Once again, Lumpy is trying hard to be the best, but he just c...

HTF - Spare Me
Hrané: 4,006x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

What could be more fun than bowling with a couple friends? Well, if one of them is blind and the other has no hands, it may not be so much f...

HTF - Rink Hijinks
Hrané: 4,241x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Remember how fun it was to go to roller skating? Flaky tries her luck on the rink and Disco Bear shows off his fancy twirls. Meanwhile, Lump...

HTF - Milkin It
Hrané: 3,324x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Things are not as simple as they seem down on the farm. Lifty and Shifty make off with Lumpy's cow, only to get tangled up in some electrify...

HTF - Its A Snap
Hrané: 3,260x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Lumpy manages to get in all kinds of trouble, and this episode is no exception. Splendid does his best to save Lumpy from certain death, but...

HTF - Better Off Bread
Hrané: 3,790x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Super Squirrel to the rescue again! Splendid's domestic duties are interrupted so that he can once again save Happy Tree Friends from total ...

HTF - Wheelin And Dealin
Hrané: 3,386x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

What happens when the Happy Three Friends setup a little soapbox race? Just death and blood.

HTF - Stay In Alive
Hrané: 3,494x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Disco Bear cuts some rug with Giggles and Petunia.

HTF - Spin Fun Knowin Ya
Hrané: 3,417x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

The episode that started it all! Take a wild ride and let the mayhem begin!

HTF - Pitchin Impossible
Hrané: 3,758x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

What's more fun than trying your luck at midway games? It might be harder than you think if you can't see, but Mole gives it his best shot a...

HTF - Nuttin Wrong With Candy
Hrané: 3,278x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Nutty the squirrel learns not to take candy from strangers.

HTF - House Warming
Hrané: 3,394x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

Moving into a new house has never been so exciting.

HTF - Helping Helps
Hrané: 3,316x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 55555

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying squirrel?

HTF - Havin A Ball
Hrané: 3,183x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 33333

A friendly game of catch goes horribly wrong for this father and son bear.

HTF - Crazy Ant Ics
Hrané: 4,407x zahrané
Hodnotenie: 44444

Just a snifflin' anteater out for a friendly lunch.